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Grow up and get a life T-Shirt

Coming of age? Done within seconds!

Grow up and get a life T-Shirt

Coming of age? Done within seconds!

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Description: Grow up and get a life T-Shirt

Parents, teachers and all those guys with a so-called "settled existence" frequently accuse us 'big kids' of being "immature". This is usually in situations when you're sitting intently in front of your gaming console in order to save a kidnapped princess, or to kill a shell-armoured boss!

But what do they actually mean when they talk about being "mature?" Terrace house idyll? Pension Plans? Edge Cutters? To have one girlfriend or boyfriend at one time only? To go to bed at 10pm? Do the dishes daily? No more brushing your teeth with Jack Daniels?

We don't know exactly... and no, we don't wanna know at all! Because we, the gamer, we know what really matters: To save the world, every day anew, even if it's only virtually. This is a task you can also grow with - and occasionally, you're even rewarded with extra-lives :)

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