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Affiliate program

Affiliate program

Become a getDigital affiliate and earn money with almost no work.

What you need to do:

1. Register with us and choose an ID (e.g., DAU).

2. You add a link to us (https://www.getdigital.co.uk/?her=YOUR_ID) on your homepage so that we can detect if a user comes from you using this link.

3. For every product that is sold to a user that comes to our site through your link ID, you get 16% of the total order sum without VAT. That comes to £4-5 for just one sweater!

So: Hurry! Become a new affiliate!


We pay our affiliates by wire transfer. If the total transfer sum is below £10, we have to charge a £1 handling fee. We save the customer affiliation in a cookie, which is valid for 30 days. This ensures that orders made later can be tracked as well. You will find a more detailed explanation of how to link to us, together with various statistics, in your protected area. You are required to accept the following conditions to participate: Affiliate Terms and Conditions