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Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical Keyboards are high-quality devices that last a whole life long. They are just perfect for people writing loads of texts and for gamers, as well.


Mechanical Keyboard - no other way for pros

Together with the mouse, the keyboard is the most important input device for the PC. Therefore it is prudent to focus on quality, comfort and durability when planning to buy one. Mechanical Keyboards are the first choice of gamers and hardcore typers because there is no cheap rubber dome under the keys but a sensitive switch with spring. Advantages of the mechanical keyboard are an improved typing sensation, considerably increased durability and an overall much more qualitative typing experience. Of course mechanical keyboards have the usual comfort functions and the n-key rollover for which the mechanical alternatives are so popular allows for typing several keys at once. Ideal for gamers.
Various switches allow you to choose a keyboard just to your liking. Silent like the paws of a cat or with clearly audible click feedback? Tactile or linear switching points? Labeled or completely black?
In the office, for gaming or when writing the first of an eleven-part novel series about the joys of typing, everyone who laid their hands on such a keyboard, never wants to give it up again.