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Skynet T-Shirt

Skynet is a reality – in familiar colours.

Skynet T-Shirt

Skynet is a reality – in familiar colours.

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Description: Skynet T-Shirt

Remember the 1980s? Back when James Cameron used to create really good movies? In fact, we could say he was a bit of a visionary then. 15 years in advance, he realized that an artificial intelligence would arise and change the world for the worse. It would know everything, be everywhere... control us all...

He called it Skynet. We know it as... we don't have to say it, everybody knows the answer beginning with a capital G ;)

This AI can speak all the different languages of the world. Even the most remote corners of the Earth are covered. They call it Skynet Earth... sorry Google Earth! And the engine gets to know more and more about us and what we do every day as personal privacy and data privacy protections are eaten away. As part of its learning process, Skynet, sorry Google, is evolving, and becoming wiser and more independent with every single passing day... Beware!!

Want to know how it's all going to end, folks? Well, just check out the Terminator movies!

Worried...? No need, as with this shirt you can show your (outward) loyalty to the AI world-ruler of the near future and thereby avoid any possible visits from T-1000s .

But what's cool is that we all know that really the t-shirt secretly brands you as part of the resistance so that you can get connected with like-minded people in the underground.

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