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AT-GC T-Shirt

The only true merchandise for biochemists.

AT-GC T-Shirt

The only true merchandise for biochemists.

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Description: AT-GC T-Shirt

All the non-geek heavy metal fans includes AC/DC within their beloved rock bands. We, of course, know where the name came from and what it all means. A shirt with that on isn't going to be anything special, right?

So what is AT/GC?

Here's a flash course in what it is, just in case you don't know: The base pairs AT and GC are the aging rock stars of biochemistry. You don't hear a lot of new stuff from them unless you're a hard-core fan, but most will probably have heard about them. Who doesn't know the classics like Can't stop DNA Replication, All Screwed Up (Double Helix), Transcription Blues, Breaking the Hydrogen Bonds or D.N.A.?

Now those are some hits worth talking about!

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