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You can expect a surprise box with articles from Legend of Zelda, Harry Potter, The Witcher, Dragon Ball and many other cool franchises.

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Many of our products have been developed by ourselves, so you can only find them with us.

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By nerds for nerds

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Gadgets - The perfect gifts for every occasion

Hello and welcome to the getDigital online store! As you may have already noticed, we are a geek store - i.e. we sell shirts, gadgets, gimmicks and lots of other nice things that you don't really need, but absolutely have to have, to geeks and nerds. We promise you that you won't find such an extensive range in any other geek store. Here, for example, everyone will find Star Trek fan merchandise that is still missing from their personal collection. What, you say you're not a geek yourself? No problem at all. Then just click through our site and get some inspiration for gift ideas. You'll probably even find a gift or two for yourself ;) In our experience, (almost) everyone can get excited about gadgets, even if you're not particularly tech-savvy - they're just so much fun. Why not try it out for yourself :)

You can also find perfect gift ideas with us

As already mentioned, you'll find tons of geeky stuff that makes great gifts - either for yourself or for other geeks and nerds. Everyone has probably experienced for themselves how difficult it can be to find a suitable, nerdy gift-for-cat-lovers, for example. Gifts for men in particular often pose a problem - on the one hand, men are often practical, so it makes sense for the gift to have a certain utility, but on the other hand, many of them are still "big kids", so the gift should ideally be fun at the same time. Not an easy task, but don't worry: you're sure to find what you're looking for here, regardless of whether you're looking for birthday presents, Christmas presents or simply unusual gifts.

The best geek shirts and what else makes our nerd store so special

It should be clear by now that we have lots of exciting gadgets and gimmicks. :) But we also have an (almost) endless range of high-quality yet affordable geek shirts with funny or profound sayings and images that allow you to show off your nerdiness in a subtle yet clear way. We also think our large selection of a very special gadget, which is unique in Germany, is particularly worth mentioning: The mechanical keyboard, which is completely geared towards the needs of real frequent typists and which you definitely won't want to give away once you've tried it! And last but not least, we warmly recommend our great theme worlds such as our Star Wars store, the Big Bang Theory shirts, the Star Trek store or our Tetris wonderland to every geek. :)