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Car badge geek deity

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  • Self-adhesive car badges for the great world religion Darwinism
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Description Car badge geek deity

Life is easier when you put it in the 'hands' of a deity who guides, directs, supports you... and who you can blame when everything goes wrong ;)

Fortunately, we live in a time when most people are allowed to choose their own religion and the choice has increased considerably: Tailored to meet needs and adapted to modern lifestyles, there is something for everyone who I want to believe! can find something suitable :)

Once you have decided on a god, you naturally want to proclaim your happiness to the whole world and what could be more obvious than combining this with something we do every day anyway? Driving a car :)

DarwinA timeless classic. Darwinists believe in the theory of evolution and natural selection, which inevitably means that at some point the geeks and nerds of this society will rule the world. Seriously, nothing better could happen to us, could it? :) You can easily attach the Geek God car sticker to your vehicle: Just clean the desired spot, peel off the adhesive strip on the back, stick it on - done. They are bombproof and cannot be easily removed, even by religious fundamentalists*).

If you believe in them hard enough, the stickers will not only convert those driving behind you, but also protect you from accidents and always ensure green traffic lights and a free parking space. Of course, nobody can guarantee this, but it doesn't hurt to believe it :)

*) Those are the ones who don't accept any other faith besides their own, which is highly selfish and mean.

Technical information
Dimensions: Approx. 13.5 x 4.5 x 0.3cm
Material: Plastic
Weight: 100g
Functions: With adhesive strip on the back for easy attachment.
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