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Cooler Master Nova Touch TKL

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  • Topre switches (45g) from Japan
  • Backwards compatible with CHERRY MX keys
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Description Cooler Master Nova Touch TKL

Cooler Master has launched the Nova Touch TKL a new type of gaming keyboard onto the market. With the Nova Touch uses electrostatic-capacitive switches from Topre, which guarantee a great typing feel and long durability thanks to the built-in spring. At the same time, for the first time and exclusively with Cooler Master Cherry MX keys can now be used on a Topre switch. N-key rollover, a customizable sampling rate and other features round off the overall picture.

In summary, the Topre Switches have the following advantages:
- the typing feel of a mechanical keyboard with low resistance and variable switching travel with longer durability thanks to the special rubber domes
- maximum durability of the keys and the entire keyboard, which will not give way even with heavy typing
- a high sampling rate that translates every command without delay
- compatibility of the Topre switches with Cherry MX keys for the first time

Cooler Master installed in the Nova Touch electrostatic-capacitive switches from Topre. These have a very early perceptible pressure point at 1mm with a force of 45g (45cN) and then offer virtually no resistance for the remaining 3mm. By using the supplied O-rings, the entire shift travel can be shortened by a further millimeter. For frequent typists and gamers, the very low resistance after overcoming the switching point offers an extremely pleasant typing experience. Topre specifies a switch service life of 60 million life cycles. The switches used are pleasantly quiet for a mechanical keyboard. Thanks to the solid steel plate, the keyboard does not bend even when typing hard.

For the first time and exclusively at Cooler Master Topre switches are installed, which use a Cherry MX-like pin in the key holder. This means that it is now possible to use many standard ISO key sets for Cherry MX keyboards in the respective layout and customize the keyboard according to your own individual wishes. The unique typing feel of Topre switches can now be combined with the great customizability of Cherry MX keyboards.

The Nova Touch has a high-quality finish and is minimalist at the same time. The black housing wastes no space and is extremely stable thanks to the built-in steel plate. The angle can be adjusted between 5 and 10 degrees thanks to the rubberized tilt feet. The evenly distributed weight guarantees high stability. The minimalist design is further emphasized by the tenkeyless design (no number pad).

In addition to full N-key rollover via USB on a Windows computer, the keyboard also has built-in anti-ghosting functions. Furthermore, it is possible to increase the sampling rate of the keyboard to up to 1000 HZ to achieve maximum performance when gaming. The function key allows you to switch off the Windows key as well as control multimedia content.

The keyboard is supplied in elegant packaging with a magnetic closure. In addition to the keyboard, this includes a 1.8m long cable which is covered in fabric and has gold-plated contacts. Also included are a key release, a quick start guide and sufficient O-rings to make the already quiet keyboard even quieter. The manufacturer's warranty is 2 years.

Technical information
Dimensions: 35.9(L) x 13.8/W) x 3.9(H) cm
Cable length: 1.8m
Weight: 895g
Power capacity: 1000 HZ/1ms
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