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DC Comics Batman Batmobile Diorama

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  • Diorama of Batman and the Batmobile
  • Shows the Dark Knight together with his vehicle from the respective movie or series
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Description DC Comics Batman Batmobile Diorama

Batman shows that even ordinary people can become superheroes. At least, if you translate 'ordinary' to 'multibillionaire with a gigantic corporation and high-tech gadgets galore.' The most famous of his toys is undoubtedly the Batmobile, with which Bruce Wayne can zoom through the streets of Gotham at lightning speed.

The 'DC Comics Batman' Batmobile Diorama pays tribute to the iconic vehicle and places both Batman and his ride in a detailed diorama in a display box. Thanks to the lenticular background (also known as a wobble picture), the scene comes to life when you move the box or your head. Available is Batman: The Animated Series.

Technical information
Dimensions: 19 x 7.5 x 11 cm
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