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DC Comics Batman Batwing Desk Lamp

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  • Movable desk lamp in the design of the Batwing from Batman; -; The airplane features a "spotlight" on the underside; -; Thanks to the flexible arm, the Batwing can be freely positioned; -; Powered via USB cable (195 cm long); -; Officially licensed product
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Description DC Comics Batman Batwing Desk Lamp

In itself, Batman is the perfect role model for all geeks and nerds who feel called to higher things: After all, the human bat manages to ensure law and order in Gotham without superpowers, magic, and other unfair advantages. In this respect, there is still hope for us to follow in his footsteps (wingsteps?). As long as we have a few million lying around for the Batsuit, Batmobile, and Batwing...

As long as it doesn't have to be a life-sized Batwing, the "DC Comics Batman Batwing" desk lamp is the first step on your way to becoming Batman 2.0! This lamp lets you fly a Batwing in 1:50 scale over your desk and illuminate it with a "spotlight" on the underside. Thanks to the flexible arm and the USB cable with a length of 195 cm, you can also explore the furthest corners of your desk-Gotham. And who knows, maybe one day you'll actually have the necessary funds together and can upgrade to a full-sized Batwing. One can still dream. ;)

Technical information
Maximum height: -: 60 cm; -; Base diameter: -: 14 cm; -; Batwing dimensions: -: 21.5 x 19 cm; -; Weight: -: approx. 1.26 kg; -; Power supply: -: via USB; -; Cable length: -: approx. 195 cm; -; Power consumption: -: max. 5V DC 500mA; -; Batwing scale: -: 1:50:
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