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DC Comics The Joker Notebook

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  • Bound notebook with an embossed Joker cover
  • Features the villain from the DC Universe with a manic laugh
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Description DC Comics The Joker Notebook

"Dear Diary, today I once again tried to sow chaos and destruction in Gotham. Unfortunately, that damned bat ruined my plans. If only I knew who was hiding behind that silly mask..." Most of the entries that the Joker from the DC Universe scribbled in the "The Joker" notebook are likely to look like this.

Since the cunning villain used invisible ink, the pages are blank for the uninitiated like you and are practically just waiting to be filled with shopping lists, drawings, and plans for world domination. In addition to the embossed cover featuring the Joker's visage, the notebook impresses with a bookmark and a built-in pocket where you can store train tickets, receipts, or similar items. After all, the Joker is only insane, not messy... ;)

Technical information
Format: DIN A5
Pages: 260
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