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DC Collectible Figure Batman Black & White

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  • 1 of 6 Batman figures in black and white in a blind bag
  • The selection of the approximately 9.5 cm tall figures is random
The delivery situation for this product is unclear. The reason for this could be, for example, that the manufacturer has stopped production. You cannot therefore order it.
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Description DC Collectible Figure Batman Black & White

The figure of Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne, has undergone many transformations throughout its history. Both character-wise and in appearance, he has evolved over the years. Thus, the dedicated fan can determine from the superhero's suit which era the respective version is from. The DC Collectible Figure Batman Black & White represents 6 of these, created by artists Amanda Connor, Darwyn Cooke, Jason Fabok, Patrick Gleason, Frank Quitley, and Dick Sprong. Since all colors turn to black and gray at night, the figures are designed exclusively in these shades.

Please note: As it is not apparent from the packaging which figure is inside, the selection is random. Therefore, multiple orders may result in duplicates.

Technical information
Dimensions: 9.5 cm tall
Material: Plastic
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