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Fallout Glass Vault 111

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  • All-around printed drinking glass in Fallout design; Shows the logo of Vault 111 from the video game series; Officially licensed product
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Description Fallout Glass Vault 111

Sometimes in the Fallout games, it seems like the Vaults – gigantic underground atomic bunkers – are almost exclusively inhabited by crazies, nasty scientists, or people who didn't understand Lord of the Flies. But let's be honest: If you had the choice between atomic bombs, radiation, and the like, or a few (almost) harmless experiments in the Vault – what would you choose? We thought so! That's why we want to warmly welcome you to the exclusive circle of Vault dwellers with the Fallout Glass 'Vault 111'! But remember: Always follow the overseer's instructions!

Technical information
Capacity: 400ml; Material: Glass; Care instructions: not dishwasher safe:
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