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Firefly Playing Cards

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  • Card game with 54 cards, including 2 jokers, with pictures of the characters from the series "Firefly – The Serenity's Departure"
  • Official licensed product
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Description Firefly Playing Cards

Welcome aboard the Serenity! On the outside, she might look like an aging Firefly-class freighter, but the crew under Malcolm Reynolds has some tricks up their sleeves. To stay afloat in the outer worlds with trade, you have no other choice. And just because the Serenity is not equipped with any weapon systems, doesn't mean we just drift through space.

Of course, there's also time to play cards in between. The "Firefly" playing cards are just perfect for that. With the 54 cards including 2 jokers, you can have some fun with your fellow travelers even on the most boring days. Additionally, the faces of all crew members are printed on the highest cards and jokers. This might help you remember whose side you're on when we get into trouble with the Alliance again, get attacked by Reavers, or end up in other kinds of messes.

Does that happen often? Well, we'll see…

Technical information
Contents: 54 cards
Material: coated cardboard
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