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Luckies-Smartphone Speaker 3.0

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  • Bluetooth smartphone speaker in cardboard packaging with elegant wood look
  • Up to 12 h battery life
The delivery situation for this product is unclear. The reason for this could be, for example, that the manufacturer has stopped production. You cannot therefore order it.
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Description Luckies-Smartphone Speaker 3.0

Nerds never leave their home. Isn't that right? We sit in our room all day every day, gaming or watching movies. That's where we feel most comfortable.
Of course, that's nonsense. Although we can't deny that the rest of the world often feels empty and colorless compared to the fantasy worlds we often dive into. That's why it helps if we can take a bit of our small world with us on the go. With the Luckies-Smartphone Speaker 3.0, you can let your favorite music play wherever you are. Whether it's 8-bit or the soundtrack of your favorite movie – you'll instantly feel a bit more at home in your hotel room, tent, or train compartment. However, you should check with the people around you to see if they share your taste. If in doubt, you probably have a few dice with you to roll and decide whose music can be played. ;)

Technical information
Contents: Speaker, USB cable
Battery life: approx. 12 h
Dimensions: 10.41 x 10.41 x 10.41 cm
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