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Princess Mononoke Yakul Plush Toy

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  • Fluffy plush toy modeled after the animal Yakul from the film Princess Mononoke; Size: 25 cm; Official licensed product
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Description Princess Mononoke Yakul Plush Toy

In Princess Mononoke, the cursed prince Ashitaka finds himself in a fierce battle between spirits, animals, and humans as he travels through the land. The prince embarks on his journey on the back of Yakul, his loyal steed that resembles an antelope. Why an antelope? Director Hayao Miyazaki wanted to avoid Ashitaka looking too much like a samurai, which is why he chose not to use a horse as a mount. This decision greatly benefits Ashitaka, as unlike ordinary horses, Yakul can dive and jump extraordinarily high.

A unique companion like Yakul undoubtedly deserves to be immortalized as a Princess Mononoke Yakul Plush Toy! This plush figure is just as cute as Yakul in the film, maybe even cuter. And it already comes with a saddle and bridle, ready for the next adventure...

Technical information
Dimensions: approx. 25 x 8 x 7 cm:
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