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Star Trek TOS Bathrobes

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  • Cozy bathrobes in the style of the uniforms from Star Trek: The Original Series
  • Feature small details like the Starfleet insignia and the rank insignia on the sleeves
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Description Star Trek TOS Bathrobes

What do Kirk, Spock, and company actually wear when they are off-duty? What does a lazy Sunday on the Enterprise look like? And what is the perfect blend of nerdiness and coziness? The answer to all these questions is one and the same: The Star Trek TOS Bathrobes!
The spacey bathrobe is modeled after Spock's Starfleet uniform design in the appropriate colors. Attention is also paid to small details, such as the Starfleet insignia and the rank represented by the golden stripes on the arm. However, unlike the original uniforms from the series, these bathrobes are fluffy and cozy!
For fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation, there are also bathrobes in the style of Picard's TNG uniform right here.

Technical information
Dimensions: Length: approx. 130cm, Shoulders: approx. 65cm, Sleeves: approx. 75cm
Care and Maintenance: Machine washable at 30°C, suitable for tumble drying
Contents: Bathrobe, Belt
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