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Zelda meets Spiderman

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Description Zelda meets Spiderman

Oh, sometimes it can be really tricky to remember the names of all the people you run into every day. If you only half-heartedly listen during introductions or aren't interested in a topic, you end up missing out. As geeks and nerds, we are of course used to explaining to other people what we are interested in and which characters appear in our favorite movies, books, comics, and series: "No, the two Italian plumbers are not named Manolo and Luis. Halo is not the guy in the green armor. And the bearded man with the hobbits is not called Dumbledore!"
Sometimes, however, particularly common mix-ups become running gags. The "Zelda meets Spiderman" shirt shows two of the best-known ones: Deadpool teases Link that he is often mistaken for Zelda, and Link counters that Deadpool's costume at first glance resembles that of his buddy Spiderman. Name tags would certainly help here...
This drawing, by the way, is by Daniela Schreiter, aka Fuchskind. Visit her on her homepage and check out her other T-shirt designs with us.

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