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Rocket Lava Lamp

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  • Lava lamp in the shape of a rocket
  • A light bulb illuminates and heats the red and blue liquid inside
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Description Rocket Lava Lamp

  • Lava lamp in the shape of a rocket
  • A light bulb illuminates and heats the red and blue liquid inside
  • As the liquids do not mix, red shapes float and drift through the blue liquid
Are you totally into Flower Power and bell bottoms? Then this Lava lamp rocket is just the thing for you! Lava lamps were an absolute hit in the 70s of the last century. After a period of silence, lava lamps are once again a popular decorative item in the wake of the retro wave.

A lava lamp consists of an elongated vessel containing two immiscible liquids in different colors. The liquids also differ in terms of their thermal expansion. When the lamp is switched on, a light bulb illuminates and heats the container. As one liquid expands more than the other when heated, it rises to the top of the lava lamp vessel. Once it reaches the upper part of the vessel, it cools down and sinks. The cycle then starts all over again and the typical shapes are created inside the lamp.

Lava lamps are now available in countless color combinations. In this lamp, red shapes float through the blue liquid inside. The outer shape and the stand that holds the vessel make the lamp look like a rocket.

The lava lamp needs a short time to reach operating temperature after being switched on. Once that happens, new and unique shapes are constantly being created. So don't be surprised if you suddenly find yourself sitting in front of your new lamp for hours on end, just watching the goings-on inside.
Technical details:
Dimensions: Height approx. 46 cm, diameter of legs approx. 20 cm, diameter of lava lamp bulb approx. 8 cm
Weight: 1.2 kg
Light bulb: Included in delivery
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