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Obey Cthulhu Patch

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  • Woven Cthulhu-themed iron-on patch
  • Shows the Great Old One from the works of H. P. Lovecraft
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Description Obey Cthulhu Patch

  • Woven Cthulhu-themed iron-on patch
  • Shows the Great Old One from the works of H. P. Lovecraft
  • The slogan urges you to serve Cthulhu
  • Perfect for backpacks, biker cuts, cultist robes and other textiles
  • Can also be sewn on
Finally, you've been able to gain entry into one of those secret societies everybody wants to be a part of lately. But now you're not allowed to talk to anybody about it outside your meetings, which take place every Thursday in the basement of your local community centre. Looks like being a servant of the Great Old One Cthulhu from the works of H.P. Lovecraft isn't as glamorous as one would think...
Oh, well. At least, you get to show your allegiance with the "Obey Cthulhu" Patch. Other devout disciples of the one true alien god will be able to recognize you in public – and, hey, you might even get one or two nonbelievers to join the cult. The woven patch shows the head of your god and the slogan "Obey Cthulhu". Pretty straightforward, right? Thanks to the coated underside, you can simply iron the patch onto a textile of your choice. From backpacks, jeans, biker cuts all the way to cultist robes, this patch will instantly enhance almost anything! Additionally, you can sew it on with a needle and thread for added strength. The needed skills for that are taught by Dr. Yog-Sothoth on Tuesdays in her class "Crafts for Cultists", by the way ;).
Instructions for Ironing
1. Iron the area you want to apply the patch to until the textile is wrinkle-free.
2. Carefully place the patch and align it as desired.
3. Cover the patch with a cotton cloth for protection.
4. Press the patch down with a regular iron set to 150 degrees Celsius for approximately 20 seconds.
Please note: As soon as the patch is ironed on, you can only remove it by cutting it from the piece of textile. The glue on the patch needs to be heated thoroughly and be able to penetrate the textile completely for best results. Depending on the chosen fabric, you might need to iron again from the inside of the textile. We recommend ironing on the patch and sewing it on afterwards with quality yarn for a truly strong hold. Trust us: years of sewing patches onto motorcycle and heavy-metal cuts have taught us that nothing beats a few minutes with a needle and some thread!
Technical details:
Diameter: approx. 9 cm
Attachment: can be sewn or ironed on
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