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Star Trek Merchandise

No matter whether you're more a TNG or a TOS fan, whether you prefer Cpt. Picard or Cpt. Kirk, you will find all Starship Enterprise fan merch here.

All Star Trek Gadgets you can imagine

Among Star Wars, Star Trek Starship Enterprise is one of the most popular science fiction series ever. Starting in the 60s and up to now, it has lost none of its timeliness. The 11th film was a huge success on the movie screens. Did you know that Starship Enterprise the original series was a real trendsetter regarding equal gender treatment? They put a black woman into a position with authority! There was nothing like this before in American TV. In Starship Voyager, Captain Janeway even commanded her own space ship. Likely the most charming captain of all must be Captain Jean-Luc Picard. He communicates with his fans in a very frequent and friendly way via Twitter and his well-known Facepalm Meme became legendary.